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The Sweet Science

Long before it was only known as a sport, Boxing was an essential life skill used for fitness and self-protection. Greenville Academy brings the past back to life for you.

Want to get in great shape AND learn the time-tested self-defense skills that boxing offers? Of course…who wouldn’t want that? The hard part is finding the right place with the right coaches and a great environment. Well, look no more. Greenville Academy’s Boxing Conditioning and Skills will get you stronger, faster and tons of confidence. There’s just nothing like the training and real coaches that actually teach the craft.

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Simple and Time Tested Self-Defense

Boxing is a great sport, but it’s so much more than that. It is also an incredible workout, a humbling discipline, and the sweet science of self defense. Learn the skills of Boxing and get in great shape in a safe, dynamic atmosphere great for beginners and contenders alike.

Maybe you don’t want to fight competitively in the ring, but everyone can benefit from boxing training. Moreover, you’ll learn the most time tested means of self protection in the world.

Is it safe?

Expert Coaching for Any Skill Level

Want to learn to hit the focus mitts like a pro? Use the heavy bag to get REAL benefit from it, not just mindlessly whaling away? We’ll teach all this and so much more…like the speed bag, jumping rope, slipping and hitting…the whole craft is yours here at Academy Boxing Conditioning & Skills. You don’t have to be a world champion to be a life champion - fit, fast, powerful, confident and able to KO bad guys with nasty left hooks! Come in for a free session and meet the coaches and your future teammates. We’re sure you’ll love it.

Fitness thats fun and effective

Ever wonder why people put TVs in front of their treadmills? Because it’s boring!

We don’t have those here because you won’t need them. No one looks in the mirror and wishes they were in worse shape. Quick snappy punches, swift footwork, and smooth head movement will help you build the strength and stamina you’ve always wanted and boost your health and fitness to a level worthy of a champion.

Do I need my own gloves?