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The Sweet Science

  • Fun, safe, learning environment free from the egos and concussions.

  • Sparring is optional - Boxing has a lot to offer even if you have no interest in fighting.

  • No equipment needed! You can start today without having to buy a ton of gear.

  • Learn at your own pace. We'll never ask you to bite off more than you can chew.

  • Private and beginner friendly classes available.

Boxing Class Schedule

Mon - Thu

7:00 - 8:00p


6:00 - 8:00p(open gym*)



* Open Gym: no organized classes, but instructors are available for help if needed.

Simple and Time Tested Self-Defense

Boxing is a great sport, but it’s so much more than that. It is also an incredible workout, a humbling discipline, and the sweet science of self defense. Learn to “make ‘em miss and make ‘em pay” in a safe, dynamic atmosphere great for beginners and contenders alike.

Maybe you don’t want to fight competitively in the ring, but everyone can benefit from boxing training. Moreover, you’ll learn the most time tested means of self protection in the world.

Do I need my own gloves?

Expert Coaching for Any Skill Level

Learn the ropes - no experience necessary.

We’ll train you just like a fighter. Jumping rope, working the bag, throwing combos together on the focus mitts with your coach, even light sparring are all great training practices that will help you as you learn the system behind the sweet science of boxing. Often times boxing gyms hand you a set of gloves and use you as a glorified heavy bag. Instead we’ll help you build your skills with expert coaching in a positive environment thats great for anyone.

Is there sparring?

Fun and Safe Training Environment

Not all pain is gain.

Who wants to take a boxing class with people who are more concerned with beating people up then they are learning and developing their skills? Anyone with two fists and a tough jaw can brawl, but learning the art and science of boxing is something entirely different. Our program will show you just what we mean with an effective approach taught by skilled coaches, and great classmates in a motivating environment. Remember – iron sharpens iron. Not iron beats iron into the floor and then calls him a wimp.

Is sparring required?

Fitness thats fun and effective

Ever wonder why people put TVs in front of their treadmills? Because it’s boring!

We don’t have those here because you won’t need them. No one looks in the mirror and wishes they were in worse shape. Quick snappy punches, swift footwork, and smooth head movement will help you build the strength and stamina you’ve always wanted and boost your health and fitness to a level worthy of a champion.

Is it safe?

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