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Kids Classes

Self-defense isn’t a game. It is meant to be used for protection. But, it isn’t hard to find a kids martial arts program with a focus on competition. They reward kids with trophies for beating up other kids in a ring.

Thats where we differ from other schools. Our program puts an emphasis on teaching your child practical self defense skills, and teaches them to build others up instead of beat them down.

What will my child learn in their class?

Kune Do

You don’t have to be the most powerful person in the room to be able to defend yourself. By attacking “soft targets,” Jeet Kune Do gives its practitioner the tactical edge regardless of size.

What can I expect to learn from JKD?

Wing Chun
Kung Fu

Wing Chun Kung Fu is a staggeringly simple, and logical close range fighting system. Real confrontations don’t happen in a ring, cage, or on a floor with mats, so we must have a method of fighting that is prepared for the real thing.

What can I expect to learn from Wing Chun?

Boxing Conditioning & Skills

Long before it was only known as a sport, Boxing was an essential life skill used for fitness and self-protection. Greenville Academy brings the past back to life for you.

Want to get in great shape AND learn the time-tested self-defense skills that boxing offers? Of course…who wouldn’t want that? The hard part is finding the right place with the right coaches and a great environment. Well, look no more. Greenville Academy’s Boxing Conditioning and Skills will get you stronger, faster and tons of confidence. There’s just nothing like the training and real coaches that actually teach the craft.

What can I expect to learn from Boxing Conditioning & Skills?

Private Classes

Private classes are the best way to get right to the heart of the disciplines you want to learn. Work one-on-one with your instructor and find the days and times to train that are best for your schedule. It’s the best way to maximize your time and study the art you’ve always wanted to learn.

Private classes don’t have to be a long term commitment. They’re also a great way for you to get some extra training for the group classes you’re in.

Is there an advantage to training privately?